Friday, December 31, 2010

WIP:PART 3 on my MG Kampfer ver jey_s05

Finally mods are done..So, another snap-fit again to see what is the difference between non modified and modified kits. Basically it takes time to modified but after you finished, the feelings like wow!success!(hehehe) finally its over and the result---100% satisfied on my own masterpiece..
Well, as usual same aspects that i used in my previous projects like pla-plating method and kotobukiya parts add-on. Another technique or gimmick that i applied are putting some wires in the neck area to look more realistic and also both sides of the chest part. I transferred also the fin or antenna at the right side of the ear instead, at the center of the head to look more different compare to other kampfer  out there.  ENJOY viewing!! 


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WIP:Part 2 on my MG Kampfer ver jey_s05

hello guys!its been  a long time that i haven't update my new project due on my work schedule and also holidays that are keep on coming until now....
Well, just to update you all on my WIP for the past 2 months and still looking for time to continue it and hopefully by the end of these year or maybe by first week of January its totally done...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

BMKWC 2010 Singapore

Taken last December 4, 2010 @ takashimaya while passing by during my daughter on vacation here in singapore...I think these is the best group "TRINITY" display and it's very awesome dude!!!superb!!!wonderful kits!!!