My Tools

a. Mini Compressor

b. Airbrush

c. Satay clips

d. Airbrush holder 

e. Future/pledge- used for top coat and glossy finished.

 f. Hairspray- used for weathered effect.
g. pla beams- used for mods parts.

h. pla plates- used for mods parts.

i. koto parts/wave parts- used to modified parts/add on. mixed w/ enamel paint for panel lines/enamel wash.

k. thinner- to thin paint (lacquer paint=lacquer thinner, enamel paint=enamel thinner, acrylic paint=acrylic thinner)remember dont mixed paint w/ different kind of thinner.

l. primer

m. decal softer- used it before and after applying decals.

n. stir, dropper- for paint

o. mini paints

p. Gaia notes paints

q. Mr color paints

r. oil color- for wheathering effect

s.tamiya enamel paints and acrylic paint

t. model master enamel paint

u. hobby color water based paints

v. masking

w. tamiya wheatering master- weathered effect

Parts separator

Pin vise

C clamps

Scriber- for panel lines

hobby knife

Side cutter- basic tools

cutting board

for my photoshoot!