Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Academy 1/35 Patton tank + 1/35 Tamiya u.s modern army

Hello Guys! finally, my first armour kit is done!. There's a lot of technique that i applied on this kit. Basically all technique that applied is my first time to work on  it. A lot of research that i have browsed from our fellow modeler inside and outside of MAC forums. I've learned a lot of them just to read only there tutorials and inspired me to work on it by my self..Thank you guys!you know who you are and continue sharing..

 Thanks for viewing!

Monday, April 25, 2011

WIP part 1: 1/35 Patton Tank U.S army

 Add welding effect using basic type Tamiya Putty
 Primed with Mr Surfacer 1200

 Painted with Mr. color hull red and pre-shade with mr color flat black
 Hairspray + Salt technique. My first time to do this technique actually, so let's see the outcome later!

Sand + glue on a simple diorama

Thanks for Viewing!

Monday, April 18, 2011

WIP: 1/35 Patton M48A5k U.S Army Tank

Hello Guys! another non-gunpla kits that i have here which is 1/35 scale model by ACADEMY. This is a relax build after I've finished my HMM blade Liger for almost 1 month continuously. Well this is my first time to build this kind of kit and it's totally different from gunpla. Every single parts must used glue not unlike gunpla and kotobukiya wherein all parts are snapfit.
so here are the photos:

Friday, April 15, 2011

1/72 HMM Blade Liger AB bang ver.

Hello guys! I am very excited to share my HMM zoids Blade Liger from kotobukiya.
At first I'm not very sure on what is the exact color scheme of this kit but i figured it out maybe ill try a military color (green + brown) to be more realistic instead of cartoonist color which is the original color of this kit (blue color).

So here are the colors as follows:
  1. Mr Surfacer 1200
  2. Mr color White
  3. Mr color olive green
  4. Mr color dark earth brown
  5. Mr color hull red
  6. Pre-shade Mr color flat black
  7. Gaia metallic gun metal
  8. Gaia metallic star bright duralumin
  9. Gaia metallic bright gold
  10. Tamiya enamel flat black for enamel wash