Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MG Kampfer ver. jey_s05 "THE GLADIATOR" finished!

AT LAST!!! my new masterpiece MG kampfer ver. jey_s05 "THE GLADIATOR" is successfully finished!... I have been working with this kit since November until now so roughly around 3 months plus but on and off. Too much distractions since December due to holidays thus I was only able to focused on working on this build for the last couple of months which is January and February.

My inspiration for this build is no other than TOYMAKER from Singapore which has outstanding creation of his masterpiece Kampfer "KANJI". Every time I visit HAG (hobby art gallery) my eyes wont stop to stare at his kit coz i like the way he modified and painted it so I decided to buy Kampfer and take some photo on that kit as a guide to my masterpiece. I am not capable of such topnotch work, but I hope to reach that level soon!. So, i present to you my stand alone masterpiece MG Kampfer ver. jey_s05 "THE GLADIATOR".


Sunday, February 13, 2011

GUNDAM FIESTA 2010 singapore